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Yet another MR2 site. This one aims to be different. In 2000, I purchased an MR2, a MK1 '86 version, very much the worse for wear and with 143k on board. It had been really neglected for several years judging by the state of the air filter and plugs etc. The head gasket had been recently changed and it had been in a few shunts in its time. Not the sort of car you would go out and buy, but  for  reasons various, the guy selling it needed the money and I needed a challenge. Still purchase having been made, after some three weeks, I was almost running out of the easy things to do. I have no intention of ever racing the car, but I did expect everything to work and for the car to be reliable. I have an old Mercedes 300E as my "main" car and that can stand out in the rain and survive, but the Toy isn't in that condition yet.

This site was set up to record the step by step progress in getting the car back to a reasonable condition. Nearly two years have passed and I still have the car and still have the original objective of complete restoration, but progress has slowed as the car is really pretty good and the urgent things have been taken car of.

Since this site was started, other improvements to the car have been carried out.  A new radiator had to be fitted (Holed on the motorway), and new rear wheel arches. Both these were carried out by local garages but some info will be added to the site as to pros and cons of having some tasks carried out by "professionals" 

In the "Tech Zone" you will find details of tasks completed in an effort to get the car in original condition. A recent departure here is to include information from fellow keen types. The Shock Replacement article from Barry Allen is in that category.

Just some words about the sound accompaniment..   (This can take a few mins to load) It does sound a bit like an old singer, sewing machine that is and not the marque, but the microphone was just over the engine compartment, lid open, so you get all the benefit of the tappet noise etc. The recording was made with the engine just warming up, so the revs are about 1500. It does slow down as the system warms. ..honest!

This site is over 15 years old. I sold the car many years back to a charming Scottish lady.

I have just checked and the car is still taxed, so I guess still roadworthy.

All good news! 



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LAST UPDATED 7th June 2017